Branding is more than just a logo.

This card deck will help with the process of brand discovery for your business.  

Using prompts, definitions, action items and examples - you will begin building your brand.


Building a brand is a crucial step to connect with your audience.

The Business Deck features 55 cards and Instruction Booklet

21 Cards to guide you through prompts that get you thinking about your business and messaging.  Your messaging includes your Brand Story, Mission Statement, Values and more. 

8 Cards to guide you through action items to identify and learn about your competitors and clients.

7 Cards with exercises to start building your messaging. 

Visual Cards - 18 cards that have definitions and examples of the more common visual elements such as Logos, Colors, Fonts and more.

The Business Branding Deck
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“Wow! The white cards make me think and look inside myself. These are just what I needed. It can be used in all areas of my life. My business and job. Thank you”
— Recent Customer

Check out the business deck in the video below.


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